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Harini S
mother of 9 month old Sushruth
- Infant Day Care
First of all I would like to thank The Alchemy Nursery for taking very good care of my son. My engagement started with The Alchemy Nursery in December 2015. I have enrolled my son in the infant section. My son was just 6 months old. I was very much worried about two things, one the Alchemy Nursery was very young, about 3 months since its inception when we approached them and we had no reviews over the internet about them, secondly I was worried how my baby will be taken care there, how the baby will adjust to this environment, people and so on just like any other mother.

But all my apprehensions were cleared within the first month. My baby was well taken care and he adjusted to this place sooner than I expected. This is because of the well trained, caring staff at the first place and equally because of the able management of Alchemy Nursery. The baby programs and baby care methodologies designed here are very unique and effective. One such program is the Baby Sensory program, which helps infants to learn first steps of attentiveness and keeps them well engaged. One more plus point of The Alchemy Nursery is presence of CC cameras and live streaming of the CC camera clips. It gives the feeling that our baby will always be in front of us. Overall it has been a very good experience so far and I would definitely recommend The Alchemy Nursery to all working parents who are looking for a caring crèche for their babies.
Juliette Boursier & Julien Goupit
parents of 1.2 year old Daphne
- Toddler Day Care
So far we are very happy with our experience at The Alchemy.

We started the Baby Sensory classes when our daughter was 4 months old. She absolutely loved it; we did too and grew a trustworthy relationship with the team. When she turned 10 months, The Alchemy became the obvious solution when we started looking for a daycare.

We particularly like the activities that are followed, we feel it is stimulating. We feel the environment is playful, encouraging kids to take risks, and yet very safe. It is neat, clean and we couldn't find another nursery matching all those standards together. Of course we had our moments of concerns but we always felt listened to and considered.

Thumbs up to the whole team who make our daughter feel at home. And a special thanks to the teachers who are doing an amazing job with a big heart. We know our child is loved here.
Michelle Lee
mother of 1.8 year old Mathias
- Toddler Day Care
The Alchemy Nursery was introduced to me by a friend who was sending her daughter there. I would not trust anyone more than her to make the right decision for her first child when it came to choosing a nursery. I too signed on and after 4 months at the nursery, I couldn't imagine a better place for my 1 1/2 year old son. As a working mom, to be able to check-in on my son through the livecam has been very helpful. I don't have a blind spot on his day at the nursery. The opportunity to see the interaction between my son and the caregivers and other children at the nursery is a pleasure.

The other detail of the facilities that I appreciate are that the wall corners are well protected, bathroom sinks are at the height of the child, the high chairs at feeding time and most of all, the fact that it is indoors which means, less chance for dust, outside noise and mosquitoes.

If my 1 1/2 year old son could speak he will say, “I love the nursery, my caretakers, and friends. I have so much fun there!”.
Ravi & Neha Upadhyay
parents of 1.6 year old Adya
- Toddler Day Care
We would like to drop a few lines about our experience with The Alchemy Nursery so far: Firstly thank you for opening the day care a week before the scheduled opening to accommodate our request. It has been 5 months with The Alchemy so far and we are quite delighted with the care and attention you have given to our daughter Adya. Thanks for putting a structure and schedule in feeding, activities, reading and playing. She has almost memorized 'how do you do' lines from Toddler Sense, which she keeps repeating at home along with numerous other things she learnt at The Alchemy. You have a great team as well. Alchemy is like Adya's second home.Thanks overall. Please continue the great work.
Cedrik Genet & Sukanya Yooyen
parents of 22 month old Lucas Genet
- Toddler Day Care
We are very happy to join The Alchemy Nursery and our son is enjoying a lot there. All the people are very kind and professional and the environment is really safe. A lot of activities are organized and close follow up is in place to support children’s development. I strongly recommend anyone to join us in this journey.
Navya CK & S Ajay Kumar
parents of 2 year 10 months old Ahaan
- Toddler Schooling
This is our first experience at a school for our son Ahaan, and it has been nothing short of amazing. I sometimes cannot believe what they are able to do with these young toddlers. They are learning so much! It helped us discover our kid's ability and knowledge. My son’s ability to concentrate, his sense of independence and confidence have all skyrocketed.

The Alchemy Nursery is such a special place for us. Ahaan loves coming to school each day and it is a joy to watch him grow and ask more and more questions about the world around him. The teachers create a warm, safe environment nurtured by the kindness and enthusiasm, which makes us comfortable as parents.

What I love most about The Alchemy is that the philosophy is child centered which means that a child can learn and explore at his or her own pace. A child will choose tasks for the JOY of work rather than a focus on the end result. This develops self-confidence, independence and love of learning that will stay with him or her forever. The Alchemy embraces individuality and makes every child feel special, the teachers there understood our son and let him come out of his shell when he was ready in his own time. They ensure every kid is treated special and has a place in the room. We are impressed by the curriculum and the dedicated experienced teachers, I could not ask for anything more as a parent.
Anita Devi
mother of 3.5 year old Om Iyer
- Afterschool Care
It's been a pleasure leaving my son to the care of The Alchemy Nursery after school. When I pick my son up at the end of the day, I look forward to the nursery practitioner’s account of my son's day - her cheerful countenance is infectious. The center is well stocked with material for activities. Any concerns that I raise are swiftly addressed by the team.
Saranya Vivekanandan
mother 1 year 3 month old Nedhin
- Emergency Child Care
My son who is 1 year 3 months has been taken care by his grand parents and us, but his grandparents had to be out of town for more than a month.

Being a working mother I was looking for the best day care where he gets equal care and doesn’t miss his grandparents, and I found The Alchemy Nursery as the best day care providers. Though I work close to The Alchemy Nursery I never felt the need to check on him during the time when he is at the day care, as I watched him online and saw that he has been handled very well. I was very comfortable and confident on leaving him there in such wonderful surroundings and people.

The teachers were very kind and took care of him like their own, that is one of the reasons even when his grandparents are back he wishes to go to nursery again. I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives. He learnt many good things in the period he stayed there.

I would recommend The Alchemy to my friends who are struggling to find a good day care provider. Now am very confident that even when his grand parents are not in Bangalore, I have a place to leave him where he gets equal care, which is The Alchemy Nursery.
Baby Sensory & Toddler Sense Testimonials
Reshma Rakesh
mother of a 7 month old
- Baby Sensory
I enrolled my son in Baby Sensory classes when he was just 3.5 months old. At the time, the main intention in enrolling him was to provide a change of environment and a source of entertainment for him, but with no expectations of there being any benefit for a baby at such an early stage.

I am happy to say that I made the right choice by enrolling for the classes. The 'Entertainment of One Hour' was a lot more than just that, it helped him reach all the milestones on time, and a few others even before time!

Every rhyme or a song played & every activity done helps them in reaching these milestone & helps in their development, be it vision or hearing or hand eye coordination or brain development, every activity has a reason behind it. Today my son at 7 months can very easily respond and understand baby signs like milk, sleep, thank you, reading a book, etc.

The trainer is excellent in what she does, she explains why every activity is done & how it helps the babies. She also gives us ideas on what we can do back at our house with just the resources available at home. She also gives us general knowledge/ insights on what milestones our kids have to reach for their age & how & what needs to be done for their 'brain development’, which is most important to start off at an early age. The knowledge they give us in the class is much more than any books or sites we read.

Baby Sensory for me was also another platform to meet others moms. Meeting other mothers and discussing with them also provided me a great source of information and advices on parenting and rearing my child.

Most of all, it is great how much the children enjoy it. My son today has it hardwired in his head that Thursday is the day of fun & he is very energetic from the moment we step into the classroom. The 'Say Hello' song is a blessing to me, hearing it cheers him up no matter what his mood is like!

If I have to summarize Baby Sensory in just one word, it is just "wow"! A fun, educative, class for me as well as my son.
Kushal M Shah
father of 3 year old twins
- Toddler Sense
We enrolled our twin boys Maneet and Maanit in Toddler Sense program for three months and found it to be extremely helpful in their overall development. Our key focus was to develop their understanding towards various themes offered under the program, e.g. space, zoo, circus, etc. And it was indeed a very good learning experience. For Maneet, since he is a Down Syndrome child, it helped us a lot in driving his attention to details and also providing him the much needed physical and mental simulation as part of early intervention. Apart from the boys, we also had lots of fun due to active parents involvement. We would certainly recommend the program to parents of any toddlers, especially special needs children.